I N T R O D U C T I O N .

Title Infinity Mirror B Side
 nikola [set]. 2021. and michelle [skin dress]. 2021. and qi [smock]. 2021.


A photographic experiment investigating the relation between clothing and its owner.

In my studio project Infinity Mirror the portrayed person wears and is surrounded by a representation of their multi-layered self, each with a different focus and interpretation.

The highly individual, unique clothes can only be worn by that specific person with the intended meaning.

Is that so? And what happens if something else wears these clothes?

In a second exploration Infinity Mirror [B Side] I investigated the relationship between the clothes and their owner. In a playful way, the clothes that I manufactured for a specific person are worn by objects or draped in a way that they cite the appearance of a human figure. The photographs are abstracted portraits of a person who is not present. A statement of portrait and fashion photography in times of lockdown.

Thank you to the collaborators:

Michelle Livy
Song Binbin
Ran Qi

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