nikola [set]. 2021. and michelle [skin dress]. 2021. and qi [smock]. 2021.


A [photographic experiment proving or deconstructing a] photography project exploring individuality and the complexity of personality.

In my studio project Infinity Mirror, I photograph people in settings that represent their personalities. Additionally, they wear custom-made clothes that show another facet or layer of their complex nature through the photography that is printed onto the fabric. As a final result, the models are photographed dressed in and surrounded by representations of their individuality. The highly individual, unique clothes can only be worn by that specific person with the intended meaning.

Is that so? And what happens if someone or something else wears these clothes?

So far in my studio project, I have followed my hypothesis that several facets of a personality can be shown in a photograph through carefully chosen or custom-made elements that all serve the purpose of representing the subject’s nature. But how good is evidence if there is no search for counterevidence? Potentially, this experiment will strengthen the investigation of my studio project through new viewpoints, giving it another dimension and proofing evidence. Or it will deconstruct the whole project, question what I was wasting my time on, and leave everything in a huge mess.

In a photographic experiment, I will try different scenarios of counteracting my studio project, foremost by experimenting with the clothes and how they are worn or not worn. Will the new model act in the role of the original person? Or will the clothes get a new meaning by being worn by someone else? Will the clothes still have any meaning if no one is wearing them?

This is a photographic experiment. At this point, I am proposing three different trials:

[One] Outfit is worn by a different person, but the clothes fit and suit them.

[Two] Outfit is worn by a different person and the clothes do not fit or suit them.

[Three] Outfit is not worn by any person but an object.


This experiment is still in progress.

Thank you to the collaborators:

Michelle Livy
Song Binbin
Ran Qi

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