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A photography project exploring individuality and the complexity of personality.

This photography project seeks to explore the complexity of personality and individuality. The project makes use of the Central European concept Gesamtkunstwerk – the unification of a singular concept presented through several art forms, in this case, fashion and photography. First, facets of the multi-layered self are revealed through the photograph printed onto the fabric of custom-made clothes, and later through the capturing of the subject wearing these unique clothes in a personally related surrounding.

At this point, I am showing the first part of my project, the custom-made clothes with photographs printed onto their fabric. These printed photographs relate to the person for whom this garment is made and seek to show one facet of their nature. Not only do the photographs stand for individuality, but also the process of how I made those pictures and the collaboration with each of my friends is individual. All three outfits are bespoke, made from different materials, and have unique sewing patterns.

Keeping in mind that in the final project Infinity Mirror I will make fashion photographs with these people wearing their outfits, completing the exploration of showing several facets of a personality in one photograph.

Thank you to the collaborators:

Michelle Livy
Ran Qi

infinity mirror [pt1]